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December 2019 

Stay Healthy and Happy This Holiday Season

As the Christmas sparkle illuminates our blessings, Meditrial is ready for a new year of change and evolution in the Medtech Universe.

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September 2019 

Autumn arrived filled with Meditrial delight!

As the leaves fall and our world turns orange, Meditrial is ready for a new season of change and evolution in the Medtech Universe.

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August 2019 

Innovation is Key for Evolution

Innovation is the perfect word to explain our daily work. Today we bring you the most innovative, outstanding and brilliant news about the MedTech world of Meditrial.

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July 2019 

Let’s Stay Connected as We Grow Together

We’ve worked together for many years, facing new challenges, learning from each other and constantly growing as a team. We want to continue to share these experiences with you as Meditrial expands internationally.

Enjoy the ride and keep yourself In The Loop!