ISO Technical Committee 194 Meeting

Berlin, Dec 4-6, 2018

Meditrial will participate as Expert at the ISO Technical Committee 194 Meeting in Berlin from 4th to 6th December 2018.

TC 194 is the ISO committee responsible for developing international standards, technical specifications, and technical reports related to the biological and clinical evaluation of medical devices. The TC’s portfolio includes the extremely important suite of ISO 10993 standards, which cover crucial issues such as pyrogenicity, cytotoxicity, mutagenicity, carcinogenicity, and irritation and sensitization.

Overall, there are 26 countries that participate in TC 194 as members and have voting privileges, and an additional 23 countries observe the technical committee. This means that they are informed of the work and may attend the plenary meetings but do not have a vote within the committee on the technical matters under development. For this meeting, 142 delegates representing 19 countries and the Secretariat gathered in Annapolis, MD—a very robust turnout for the important conversations and decisions that took place that week both in and out of the meeting rooms.

In ISO technical committees, much of the vital work to build bridges and come to mutual understandings among people representing different expertise—and often competing technologies—doesn’t happen during direct discussions of standardization but rather between those times. Coffee breaks, impromptu gatherings in the evenings, and even passing conversations in the hallways are incredibly valuable for networking, gaining a sense of where others are coming from, and seeking out the commonalities and areas of agreement. The formation and solidification of those relationships are key to high-performing technical committees.

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Location: Berlin Din Offices

Website: ISO- International Organization for Standardization