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Future of Education

  • Medical Technology is in rapid evolution and so is the regulation in this sector
  • Medical device companies must keep abreast of changes, but the complexity and extent of requirements creates challenges and impacts business success
  • To innovate the regulatory education models and support the transition to new regulation, Meditrial created a dynamic and free e-learning platform, exclusively dedicated to our clients
  • Meditrial Aademy is a global online education platform, to learn the latest topics in the medical devices arena.
  • Course content was developed by Meditrial Experts, for exclusive publication in the Meditrial Academy Portal.
  • Each course provides interactive toolbox, simple tutorials, video lessons and final quizzes to guide you step by step into the MedTech universe.
"Taking the Academy tutorials invites you to ask questions and learn more. During our workshop on the MDR, the direct interaction with the Meditrial experts facilitated my learning of complex new concepts in a friendly way. I could fully understand why many aspects are important and how these principles should be applied to our company. Please know how much we appreciated your course on the MDR " – Andrew F. , VP Clinical Affairs, Amaranth Medical, Mountain View, CA

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