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Global Ophtalmology Study Without Cyber-Barriers

  • International studies often  encounter barriers in electronic data collection due to internet restrictions and censorships
  • Meditrial cloud based system has no cyber-limitation due to global geolocalization
  • The Meditrial electronic CRF Catchtrial was used to collect worldwide clinical data for a large post-market study sponsored by  a leading manufacturer of ophtalmology devices.
"Running this trial in China was essential for the success of our intraocular lenses. Our chinese sites are pleased with the fast access and ease of data entry in local language  " - G. Fulle, Clinical Study Manager
The  Catchtrial (EDC) System is a cloud-based software developed for capturing clinical trial data and images, fully validated and FDA compliant. With instant, on-the-fly translation and backed by the power of Google Cloud Platform, Catchtrial is built to manage global clinical trials.    

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