January 25-28, 2020

The 56th Annual Meeting 2020 of Society of Thoracic Surgeons will be held in New Orleans, Louisiana on January 25-28, 2020.

Science, technology and the field of medical science are ever evolving fields and they need continuous research to sustain and progress for a better future.

The Society of Thoracic Surgeons has been pioneers in the field of cardiothoracic diseases since 1964 and aims to provide latest and most innovative forms of diagnosis, treatment and prevention methods through research work, scientific developments and through practical experience to provide best medical care and support to patients suffering from various diseases linked to the chest.

The cardiothoracic surgeons need to be abreast the latest in their fields to perform best surgeries of the heart, lung, esophagus and all essential parts of the chest, with minimal or no complications. The STS Annual Meeting 2020 will showcase professionalism, teamwork and an interesting and scientifically enhanced program to help all healthcare professionals to flourish and prosper.

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