UPDATE ON March 25th, 2020

Federal Agency for Medicine and Health Products (FAMHP) recommends some specific measures for the COVID-19 emergency.

Meditrial manages several studies in Belgium and has direct connections with Investigators, hospitals and local Ethics Committees. Please feel free to contact us for advice and support.

The Agency continues to process applications. During this period, electronic submission via e-mail is recommended.

Please visit the website for the original communication on the electronic file submission.

March 25th,  2020: FAMHP publishes a guidance on clinical trial management during COVID-19 pandemic.

March 24th,  2020: FAMHP issues directive on IMP delivery to patient who cannot access hospitals. For more details, please see the    original communication.

Meditrial can help – Contact us for immediate support

Meditrial has developed rapid workflows to conduct risk assessment, implement rescue plans and execute solutions for ongoing clinical trials:

Contact Meditrial for immediate assistance in Europe or the US. Free Helpline +1-800-901-4286 helpline@meditrial.net